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A little bit about me…A new smitten Mum, Love for Jewellery,Fashion & a huge home body.Anything fitness was my everything, these days I like a walk in the fresh air preferably along the water and good core & cardio session every now & then.

How being a mum has changed me and my view on Jewellery designs. Pre parenthood I was venturing out on the weekends and attending regular week night events, which inspired me to design/source Jewellery accessories that complimented the occasions/events like statement pieces & much bolder designs.

However being a mum has changed my lifestyle/me. Embracing life’s moments & adopting more simple things in life… like coffee,walking,spending quality time with my favourite people and just being present..But my LOVE for Jewellery and Accessories are the same,if not more. Its become a little more challenging to find accessories that suit everyday wear, whether its  funky casual wear, jeans & co, a slip on dress or it’s date night...This has become my new inspiration! Finer sterling silver with a slight twist, creating & sourcing silver designs that you can wear everyday and for any occasion & event.

Alicia Sarra is Jewellery for confident women, Highest of quality, Uniquely designed, consisting of different inspiration for collections and bold one off pieces, for those special stand out occasions.

Alicia Sarra is the outfit, not just an accessory.Whether it be fine or bold it makes a statement.The pieces are a combination of my designs and imported high end hand made Jewellery,Inspired by travelling the world,passion & I guess a natural flair/Interest in the fashion world.

Alicia Sarra Sterling Silver Collections differ to the fashion accessories.They consist of different metals.

Sterling Silver consists of 92.5% silver & 7.5% copper which makes the silver extra strong to handcraft jewellery from, this is labelled on the website as sterling silver or silver 925.

Fashion Accessories are a very high quality, these designs are all Lead & Nickel Free (Allergy free) each piece is hand made with 60% silver & 40% alloy metals. I also use natural raw agate in some collections & semi precious stones to compliment the piece, sometimes to add texture and even a little colour.

My aim is to be the go to website for Jewellery/Accessories to always fullfill your needs, wants,desires even more….to fill your dresser draws & jewellery boxes with the highest quality of jewellery designs for every event or simply every day accessory wear.


Thank you for loving my designs and your support...


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